Integrity Payee Services, LLC

            (Formerly Smart Money Colorado, LLC)

Name changed to better reflect the services we provide.

Provides services to seniors, adult children of seniors and the elderly, the disabled, busy professionals, and young adults.  IPS believes in building confidence, trust, and peace of mind for its clients.  Owner, Barbara May, is liability insured and has passed all bac kground checks.  
Service with INTEGRITY
               YOU DESERVE Financial Health & Peace of Mind 


 Ms. Barbara May, Owner & President

Barbara May of Evergreen, Colorado is the owner and president of Integrity Payee Services, LLC.  She is a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM) and the Colorado Guardianship Association. Barbara is able to provide needed resources and educational information to adults of all ages. 


Integrity Payee Services operates with strict adherence to the codes of professional responsibility established by both the American Association of Daily Money Managers and the Colorado Guardianship Association.  These codes include honesty, trustworthiness, fairness, professionalism and competence.


Barbara May has an undergraduate degree in Education from the University of Colorado and a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning, also from CU.  She has taken Accounting and Finance classes at both Red Rocks and Metropolitan State University of Denver and earned a certificate as a Bookkeeping Clerk from Red Rocks and a certificate in Personal Financial Planning from Metro State. 


Barbara enjoys all the beauty and splendor of Colorado.  She loves to ski, hike, and relax.  As a Baby Boomer herself, she has a passion for sharing the benefits of aging and the joy of a Colorado lifestyle.


She currently works for mpowered, a non-profit Financial Literacy organization that is a resource for those who want to learn about money and to participate in activities that help them achieve their own personal definition of financial success.  As a Personal Finance Coach she helps people organize their financial lives and change how they think, act, and feel about their money.


               Daily Money Management
                              can make a


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Smart Money Colorado

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Member Colorado Guardianship Association