Financial Fraud and Identity Theft Resources



Unfortunately, financial abuse of seniors and scamming in the general population has become all to commonplace.  One study estimated that in the early 2000's, adults over the age of 50 lost $40 billion to telemarketing scams.  The following resources are available to anyone that believes he or she may have been a victim of financial fraud or knows anyone that has. 



Identity Theft Resource Center




Financial Crimes Enforcement Center

Internet Crime Complaint Center


FBI Local Field Office

     (303) 629-7171


24-Hour ID Theft and Fraud Hotline

     (855) 443-3489


Colorado Bureau of Investigation

     Hazel Heckers, Victim Advocate


National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA)


Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Identity Theft

     (877) 382-4357





If you have a group that is interested in presentation or workshop on financial fraud and scams,

Let's talk:  303.717.5334


Workshops are also available on financial matters of concern to older adults.  Topics include credit and debt, and banking.